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Laila feeding giraffes at the zoo

Laila fed giraffes in July:

Laila feeding the giraffes at the zoo

and in December:

Laila goes to an apple orchard

When first seeing the trees, she immediately saw the fruit lying at their base and declared "uh-OH!" We explained that the fruit sometimes falls and, despite Laila's emphatic requests to put the apples "back! back!" we could not. We could, however, pick (and eat!) many delicious varieties of apple from the trees. Many branches bearing ripe fruit were growing at Laila's level, so she could walk up to trees and grasp fruit to pick it. Laila picking apples IMG_4213 Laila & Salim picking apples The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Laila feeds herself a beet-stained lunch

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Laila ate beets, whole-wheat rotini, and roasted chicken for lunch. The beets stained all the other food a vivid rosy hue, but managed to not color her already-purple top.

Laila playing with Sprout's toys

Laila eating part of Anna's banana

Laila has also eaten pumpkin,peas, oatmeal, bananas,and applesauce.