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Laila playing with a drum

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Laila playing with a drum, originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

Laila's Dadima brought a drum from Dar es Salaam. Laila loved it! She grasped the drum and held on as her grandfather spun it, causing the leather mallets to strike the drum and make noise.

Smile! You're in Pennsylvania!
More photographs of Laila's road-trip from New York: Laila takes a trip to Pittsburgh.

Five months of photographs

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Laila just after birth

Laila in the rocking chair: Laila's first smile

Laila and Anna talking

Laila and the bug

Laila playing on the changing table

Birth until two months, three months, four months, and five months. The latest photographs are here!

Laila on the swings

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Our neighbourhood has a new playground, with three sets of swings. Today Laila had her first excursion:
Laila playing on the swings

Laila smiling

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Laila playing on the bedLaila playing on the bed

Ice ice baby

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Laila and Anna, playing with ice and Laila and Anna, playing with ice Today the temperature in Manhattan rocketed north of 90º, sending the mercury out the other end of the thermometer. Laila felt and tasted ice for the first time.
Anna and Laila

Laila and Sadie swimming

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Laila and Sadie swimming, originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

Laila visited Sadie, and they both had a fun time splashing about in the pool! What summer-time fun!

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