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Laila playing

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Laila playing on her play-mat.

Is she Yoda?

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Laila nursing in Washington Square Park
Today, as we sat in Washington Square Park — mere meters away from a dachshund hootenanny — a young boy came up and spoke with us. Without any hesitation, he commented that Laila looked like Yoda. Anna said, "We think she looks more like Salim than like Yoda. Does he look like Yoda?" The boy looked at me, feeding Laila with a bottle, and decided: No. But: "Cute baby am I" he answered, and then tenderly touched Laila on the back before running off to join his mother further along the path.
the legally-required car set
Laila, observing
the sling
Anna in the sunshine, Laila in the sling
the convertible stroller
Laila at the East River
the all-terrain stroller
Activated for a walk!!!
the baby trekker
Laila in the Baby Trekker

Laila on the play-mat

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Favourite photos of Laila

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First month

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After one month, Laila has gained about one kilo, from 3.1kg (6lbs. 13 oz) just after birth to 4.2 kg (9 lbs, 3 oz) today; grown a few cm, from 51cm (20 in.) to 53cm (21 in.) ; and added two cm (slightly less than an inch) to her noggin-circumference.
Laila at the doctor's

I am a little strawberry

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Anar came to visit, and brought a strawberry hat!

A rainy walk

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Today the rain fell, sometimes like cats and dogs; and sometimes in a drizzle. We took a short walk in the afternoon.

Anna and Laila at the library

Phase change

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Laila fidgeting anxiously as she wakens from her mid-day nap, just before her afternoon tea.

This is the phase just before Laila becomes "wail-a".

Friends and Family

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Laila has met lots of friends and family in the past two weeks.

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