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Music class at the Y includes bongos, banjos, bubbles, and more!

Laila and Salim at the playground

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… more photos of Laila with her Yeah! Awesome! face.

Although Laila has out-grown the activity mat, she still uses it as a GHQ when enjoying her other toys and activities. She has been playing with these stacking cups a lot, and enjoys the colour and different shapes.

Laila and Anna.

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Laila and Anna., originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

Laila and Anna were sitting on a bench with Melanie and Isaac. While Anna and Melanie tried to have a conversation, Laila gleefully screamed at the top of her lungs. She also managed to keep up the screaming while eating her right foot, periodically stuffing it into her mouth and then pulling it out. She was delighted to see everyone!

Laila laughing up a storm

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Laila laughing up a storm, originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

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