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Three-month checkup

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Laila sleeping through the night
Laila now weighs 13lbs, 8 oz (6.12 kg); she measures 24.25 inches (61.6 cm) long, and has a cranial circumference of 40-something cm, which is in the 70th percentile. She has shot up from the 60th percentile for height and weight to the ninetieth! Compare to her checkups at two months, at one month, and at birth. After receiving vaccinations for pneumococcus and for Hepatitis B, she had an active day, attended a Lamaze class reunion, and then slept for about eight hours straight!
Spoked babies

A few words about sleep

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    Things that wake Laila
  • Salim muffling a sneeze in a pillow
  • A quartet of drunken, off-key merrymakers singing on the street-corner
    Things that Laila sleeps through
  • fire engines revving (and also see below)
  • various sirens
  • The cat scampering about the room

Laila and Anna in conversation, originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

Turn 90º for the full effect, but the audio is the important bit. For the past ten days, Laila has been very chatty, but becomes distracted by the camera whenever we try to record her conversations. She is especially chatty on the changing table.

At the airport

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Laila and Anna at the airport

We took Laila on a airplane for the first time, to visit her grandparents in Colorado Springs. We arrived at the airport two hours early and had ample time to see planes arriving and departing, as well as stand in various lines for tickets, baggages, gate-checks, boarding, and the bathroom.

Laila did a terrific job travelling, and, just like her father, slept a good portion of the flight from LaGuardia to Denver.

Laila and Salim asleep on the airplane

Ladybug Laila

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Three videos of Laila playing on the activity mat:

Laila making faces

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Laila vs. Anna

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anna on the counter


Laila's bath-time

2 vs 80

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Laila in her crib, at two days and at 80 days.

Laila victorious!
Sunday play date
Laila's friends from Lamaze Class came over: Alexander, Aya, and Enzo (all the way from New Jersey!). We all had a splendid time. More photographs, and more coming soon.

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