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Laila at the Prospect Park Zoo

After a snack on the terrace, Laila discovered the signs for the petting zoo:

Laila at Prospect Park Zoo

she enjoyed running around most of all:

Laila at Prospect Park Zoo

Laila on three forms of transport

On a three-wheeled scooter:

Laila at the playground

On a tricycle:

Laila at the playground

Riding and pushing a four-wheeled buggy:

Laila at the playground

Laila at the playground

A cool summer's day

Laila on a cool summer morning Laila at the playground

Laila and Anna walking in the park

As we were walking around the park after a trip to the farmers' market, Laila stopped every few feet to pat the watermelon tucked underneath the stroller. She enjoyed the watermelon at dinner-time.

Laila trying to hop

Laila trying to hop, originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop!

Laila playing rock-paper-scissors

Laila riding the carousel at Schenley Park

Laila rode the carousel at Schenley Park. The first time around, she rode on an elephant. The second time, this seadragon. Then we took a break and she gathered leaves into her bucket. When her dadabapa arrived she rode the carousel twice more, on a giraffe and finally on a triceratops.

Then she had a bowl of ice-cream! And then a bowl of mung beans!



Laila and her parents, in photos by Tonton

More of Nico's photographs from the past weekend:




Laila running at the playground

Laila, originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

Laila running at the playground. Photograph by Tonton.

A visit from Tonton

Laila's Tonton Nico came for the weekend.

Some of the photos he took:


Laila saying "Hooray" at the diner.


Laila upside-down at home.


Laila being silly with her mom and a cup of milk.