Laila playing on the bus

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Laila playing on the bus, originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

Today we took a trip to Brooklyn: we began on the Laila and Anna on the F train F train from the Lower East Side to Park Slope, but found out (after we entered Brooklyn, while the train waited at the York St platform) that the service had a bus bridge from Jay Street to Church Street — including the 15th Street/Prospect Park stop which was our destination. We disembarked at Borough Hall Subway station the Borough Hall station, and caught a local bus. Laila had a lot of fun looking around on the bus and thwacking the blue plastic seats. This was her first bus ride! The conductor was irritable because we brought a full-size stroller (we claimed ignorance of the bus diversion), but we became irritable because the bus driver quickly got lost somewhere underneath the Culver viaduct. A few U-turns along the scenic Gowanus later, a passenger interceded and began giving directions. We (well, Anna and Salim) reached the limit of our bus tolerance as we crossed 4th Avenue, and pressed the tape to get off at 7th. Happily, this was quite close to a rather tasty doughnut shop, and a decent coffee shop, and a place where we procured bagels. We then perambulated in Propsect Park Laila and Anna strolling in Prospect Park while Laila napped, and then caught a train to Manhattan. Laila and Anna on the RMN platform

Believe it or not, this was Laila's first adventure in any borough other than Manhattan!

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