Laila and Anna at dinner-time

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Laila and Anna at dinner-time, originally uploaded by Salim Virji.

Laila began eating a few days ago : her first meals had banana mashed in with a little of her mother's milk. She was puzzled by the taste at first, and we needed to work on our timing, but by the second day of bananas-and-milk she showed interest in the food and the taste, and by today she was positively delighted to eat!

She smacks her hands on the high-chair and cranes towards the spoon-ful of food. If we take our eyes off her for even a moment she will grab the spoon and commandeer it towards her mouth. She enjoys the rubberized end of the spoon, which must feel good against her gums. Some of the food winds up in her mouth, and she pushes it around with her tongue; some winds up on her chin, her bib, in her eyebrows, her hair …

Tomorrow we start on apples; we picked up several varieties of apple from the market on Sunday, and made applesauce with local Macoun apples today. We will all have some applesauce for breakfast!

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